Proper corporate governance is important to Industrial Logistics Properties Trust. Since we became a public company in 2018, a majority of our Board of Trustees has been independent, and all of our Board’s Committees, including our Audit Committee, have been comprised solely of Independent Trustees.

We have a five member Board of Trustees, of which three are Independent Trustees. There are three standing Committees of the Board: an Audit Committee, a Compensation Committee and a Nominating and Governance Committee. The Board has also adopted Governance Guidelines and Committee Charters for each of these Committees.

The Board’s Audit Committee currently has a qualified Audit Committee "financial expert" as defined by SEC rules. We also have a Director of Internal Audit who reports directly to the Board’s Audit Committee.

All of the company’s trustees, officers and personnel are subject to a Code of Business Conduct and Ethics.

We also have a Governance Hotline that allows users to report matters directly to Senior Management, the Board of Trustees or the Audit Committee.